1:1 Training

Does your company need digital marketing support, but you're not in a position to outsource it to an external agency yet? We offer exclsuive 1:1 training sessions to either upskill you across: SEO, PPC, social & digital strategy or to work as a digital consultant that provides hands on support to your business during the development and execution of your digital strategy

What’s Involved

We understand that every business has different needs so our first port of call will be to have an initial consultation to better understand your needs and the areas you're looking to be upskilled in.

Next Steps

We'll then create a tailored 1:1 training plan that can be delivered in person or virtually over a defined period - anything from a week to a few months - that outlines the different training sessions we will delivering for you and what you will learn during that time. If we decide to focus on consulting, we will agree a set number of hours or days per month that you will receive support on.

Who is this for?

Companies of any size and sector that need a digital marketing expert to help them roll out a specific initaitive, develop a strategy or analyse the current landscape.

Companies that want to keep their digital marketing teams in house.

Companies that have either 1 or several employees as part of the marketing department.

Companies that aren't 100% sure what areas they need support in.

Businesses that aren't in a position to outsource their digital marketing

If you'd like to arrange a consultation call to find out how we can support you on a 1:1 basis, fill in our contact form below and we will. get back to you within 24 hours.

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