The headline is by far the most relevant, dominating and sought-after question by anyone with a website. A startup, an online e-commerce, a service site or maybe, just a promotional blog, everything has something useful to offer to the users online and thereby, seek traffic! Long story short, being a website owner, one tends to stay focused on their audience and make sure to get them directed towards the website.

Utilities of sites might be different, but the start point of any marketing strategy begins with number of views. People should get interested in the product/service from any source and land on the website to get converted further. To achieve those views, top marketers have summarized five methods which can work with any level of marketing, expert or novice. Let’s take a quick walk-through:

Be ready with your website landing page

Before channelizing the website, one should take some effort to optimize the landing page of the website and make sure it has all the elements to retain a user. Technically called on-page SEO, it involves creation of an attractive and informative website based on the niche and filling it with content allowing the search engine bots to rank it eventually. This process is not a short cut to success but holds its place strong as a long term, proven strategy.

Social media never fails

This caption might be modified to “social media never goes in vain”. Having said that, any website’s target audience is digitally present and the best spot to mingle with them is social media, isn’t it? Social media is one of the most popular medium for marketing which is so huge, that some effort, can bear you sweet fruits of website traffic. Even if it doesn’t prove to be your best strategy, but it won’t be the worst either.

Be smart to get clicks

A marketer knows that his/her website has potential to help the target audience and has the relevant content. That’s just one side of the coin. The audience on the other side, have no clue when a website hits the market and what content it has to offer. It’s on the owner to come up with compelling, catchy headlines (not the spammy ones!) which will make the audience irresistible to click and land on the website.

Don’t give up on email marketing

Emails might sound a tedious method to some marketers, but truth beholds, it is a medium almost everyone uses. To look at it, email marketing can be utilized to outreach not only the primary target audience, but also secondary targets like Press, Influencers, Public Speakers, etc. By reaching them, we not only help promote our website to the users, but also boost your reputation and credibility in the long run.

A mix-up tip

This method is the action plan one needs to follow. It varies. The marketing tools, strategies, content will only pay off, if the results are monitored and suggestions are considered. This includes researching the competition, analyzing the current data, keeping track of suggestions from tools and making constant changes till the desired traffic is achieved.

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