Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken leaps in advancements over the years and so have their utilities. One of those techniques which has boomed and taken a lot of attention is a ‘Chatbot’. No rocket science, Chatbot is an interactional interface, programmed with the help of AI and human bot-building methods. There are platforms available which can help us use the chatbot technology blend into a messaging or chat interface/app and use it as one of our marketing tactics. If used correctly, Chatbots can do wonders in brand management and social presence.

  1. Better customer service, hence better user engagement

Who doesn’t like round-the-clock support on a website visit? It is simple as a fact; a user will surely relate to a human-like chat interface than a static website. Let’s pick the example of an e-commerce site. The chatbot can be fed with information related to commonly asked questions, navigation of products, categories, orders and returns tracking, automatic order placements and much more. This process will score points in user engagement, brand reputation and cost efficiency for the company.

  1. Stay connected to the users

Chatbots are not limited to chatting interface but they can be designed to store information as well. To simplify this, we will stick to our e-commerce example. With each visitor completing a sale, adding a product to the Wishlist or asking a query, chatbots will store their contact information and the nature of their selections, type of product categories or their frequently asked questions. As a result, we can use chatbots to send follow up messages to the users about latest trends available, offers on their favourite items, availability of stock or just a complimentary coupon. In this way, connection with the users will remain intact, brand power will increase and use of manpower will be less, which can be utilized for other marketing tasks.

  1. Strengthen your brand with user satisfaction

Brand reputation is no doubt, one of the most important marketing goals which each company sets or should set. Why not use chatbots to maintain user satisfaction and proceed towards our goal? We can program the chatbot to pick the queries of the user and route it to the specific channel where the user can get help. For example, if a user lands on a chatbot and registers a complaint or gives a negative feedback, then the chatbot should pick the key terms and route the customer to the specific team who can take care of the issue. In case of out of hours, the chatbot can draft the issue and send it to the backend team, simultaneously setting correct expectations with the user, about getting the response.

The concepts and strategies which can be used with chatbots are endless. As we discussed earlier, they are not rocket science. It depends on us, how we program, channel and utilize chatbots to get the best out of our marketing plan. With ongoing progress with technologies, chatbot is that ingredient which will spice up your marketing recipe, for sure.