7 Social Media Trends of 2018 

A trend today can become a norm tomorrow. Hence, in marketing, friendship with latest trends is necessary. It’s no longer a surprise that social media marketing is one of the most popular and user engaging tactics with proven ROI. The question is, ‘Are we updated with the latest social media trends?’

Staying up to date with the current marketing methods as well as planning for the future strategy becomes essential in brand building. An initial idea to grow in social media is to dig deep the booming trends and applying to the business.

Let’s read along 7 social media trends which can rule the upcoming years

  1. Chatbots: Internet AI chatbots are around for quite a while now. But, the way they have blended with social media is worth commending. They understand user responses and act immediately, to provide efficient customer experience.


  1. Social Listening: Often confused with social media monitoring, social listening is a much deeper concept. Though it is not new, the evolvement of this trend is great. To listen what people are talking about our brand or service, taking the criticism and building the strategy around it, is a smart move.


  1. Influencer Marketing: Still alive, influencer marketing is one of those tricks which people often tend to overlook. The interesting part is, if well planned within our relevant niche, this trend can do wonders in ROI that one can’t imagine. You need to target those influencers very specific to your business/field to make this idea work.


  1. Live streaming, videos and Gifs: Visual attention is what it takes. User engagement is massive when it comes to live streaming and videos. Gifs are also taking pace and have evolved rapid. These are those trends which are popular and will remain at top of the game for years to come.


  1. Facebook: Facebook continues to remain one of those trends which should never be missed in social media. Features like Facebook Messenger, Facebook Spaces and Facebook Watch can be focused on, as they have huge user engagement opportunities.


  1. User engagement stories: Apps like Instagram would be a perfect example for this trend. Businesses are getting benefits from user stories being shared publically. Brand empowerment, increase of user engagement and lead generation can happen simultaneously if this trend is leveraged effectively.


  1. Augmented Reality: Augmented reality has made a great impact not only in digital market but also in retails and commercials. Past examples of Pokemon Go app made gamers crazy to get the app and play it rigorously on different locations, ultimately turning into their customers as well.


Social media apps have also taken some features of augmented reality which users use to create unique designs and animations. This trend is on fire and can be utilized by marketers quite well. Social media is huge and will keep expanding. So, will these trends. Be it any business model, niche or marketing strategy, some of these tricks will work wonders for you.