What we do

At Blackbird Digital, we follow a seven step process and work with you to deliver a tailored service, helping you rank for your chosen keyword and keyword phrases.

Our SEO strategy spans a wide range of areas – from highly technical tasks such as server log analysis, identifying and fixing broken pages, ensuring your website is optimised for mobile, to more creative aspects like optimising and enhancing the copy on your landing pages. Our multi-pronged approach ensures that every part of your site will be improved (and always with your express knowledge and permission).

We’ll also undertake what we call ‘off-site’ SEO. This involves building the authority of your website and driving referral traffic to it through link-building. We’re hugely experienced in this notoriously difficult field, but with robust and imaginative methods for gaining links (producing exciting & linkable ‘hero’ content, monitoring mentions online, analysing industry and competitor trends) we can take your website’s SEO to the next level, as it has done for many of our current and former clients.


Website Audit

We will perform an in depth audit of your website to understand how the page is currently formatted from an SEO perspective. We identify areas that need to fixed and give suggestions as to how to optimise them, as well as addressing areas that are working well.

Keyword research

Keyword research can make or break an SEO campaign. It’s extremely important to look at the statistics (search volume, competition level and relevancy) to understand what keywords you would like to compete for. Depending on the keywords you chose and a number of different factors, we can provide you with estimates on KPI’s.

On-page Optimisations

After the first 4 stages are complete we can move on to the on page optimisations. We will execute and optimise all the areas identified in the website audit and implement your chosen keywords in your content and in key areas around your website.

Link building & content creation

Once we have started creating SEO optimised content, we'll need to gain links to that content. This is one of the most important factors affecting SEO performance, but it needs to be done with care and quality. We could get a 1,000 links tomorrow, but it wouldn't help if they came from low quality websites. Instead, we want to focus on quality over quantity. This includes research, planning and execution of a full link development strategy.

Case Study

INEOS 1:59 challenge

Eliud Kipchoge was taking part in the 1:59 challenge to break the marathon record and our goal was to help drive as many people to physically watch the event in Vienna and to YouTube where it was being live streamed.

Our Task

Our task was to create several Google ad campaigns that would drive 20,000 people to attend the event in Vienna and 100,000+ to live stream it. We had 4 weeks to create, execute and deliver their results.

Our Result

 Through a series of text search, display and remarketing adverts on Google we generated 21,070 clicks to their website and created 799,231 impressions. Most importantly, we achieved their initial targets of driving 20,000 people to attend the event live and 100,000+ to stream it.

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