PPC (Pay per Click) is a method of advertising on both websites and search engines. As the name suggests, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad and there are multiple factors that can determine how much you pay for a click. However, you can control how much you would like to spend on each click, day, week and month.

There are multiple PPC platforms you can chose from, however, Google Adwords dominates the market as you would expect. You can divide Adwords into three areas; search, display and remarketing.– shopping campaigns?

Search campaigns are where you sponsor a post and it appears in the top 4 search results, or the bottom three on a search engine and are an effective way of driving traffic to your website.

Display campaigns are place on 3rd party websites and can be either textual or visual advertisements. This form of advertising is a great way to build your brand awareness. You can also advertise on platforms like You tube and create videos that play before.

Remarketing campaigns can be set up once you have gathered enough data from previous search/display campaigns. It allows you to target people who have clicked on your ads before or visited your website and it’s an effective way of converting users into customers.

At Blackbird Digital, we follow an eight step process to ensure success on every PPC campaign we work on:

pay per click

  1. Topical Research

Research prior to starting a PPC campaign is very important. We conduct in depth research on your brand, products &/or services, the market you operate in and any previous data from your Adwords account. Once we have obtained all the information we need, our team will craft a brand-new strategy to run your pay-per-click campaign successfully and we can give you basic estimations in regards to click throughs and conversions.

2. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is essential for a successful PPC campaign. From our analysis, we will be able to understand what keywords your competitors are competing for, what they are using for their ad copy and we can analyse their overall performance. This will help craft our strategy, evaluating what areas are working well which we should explore and capitalising on areas that your competitors are missing out on.

3. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the key component that can allow us to give you estimations on ROI based on your budget. It’s important to pick keywords that yield high traffic, are relevant to your business, and that don’t have a high CPC. Our team are experts at finding keywords that will bring relevant and large amounts of traffic, for a lower CPC. That’s one way we help make your campaigns cost effective.

4. Ad Copy Creation

There are multiple ways we can make your ad copy stand out. Without giving away our secrets, our teams are experts at creating eye grabbing ad copy that guarantees click throughs. We can work with you to create the copy or we can do it ourselves, we are flexible and can work to your requirements.

5. Landing Page Development

Landing pages usually provide greater success in Pay Per Click campaigns. Our technical team can develop landing pages for you and optimize it to achieve a higher-quality score, ad rank, conversion rate, lower bounce rate & cost-per-click. That’s how we convert clicks into profit and exceed your business goals.

6. Geo-targeting and Dayparting

Possibly the most crucial element to a campaign is it’s targeting. We first analyze your customer base. To target your customers, we utilize pre-existing and newly obtained geographic and time-of-day data. The more information we have on your target audience, the more specific and detailed in our targeting we can be. The key to a conversion is reaching your audience at the perfect location and time of day.

7. Ongoing Optimisations

We aim to give you the best results possible. We want to get you as many conversions as we can at the lowest cost possible. Our team monitors every campaign closely on a daily basis and we make continuous optimisations so that every detail about the campaign is performing to the optimal standard.

8. Reporting

Pay per click is a very transparent service. There is no room to hide and we aim to make everything as clear as possible as we like to showcase our efforts. We provide weekly updates with how the campaign is performing, the optimisatons we have done and what we aim to tackle the week ahead. We also create a custom live data tracker on your adwords highlighting the key points so you are able to view the performance of the campaign anytime you want.