Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website so that it will appear higher on search engines (e.g. Google) making you more accessible and visible to your audience.

It is ensuring that your website can be found on Google for relevant keywords and phrases to your business. Building authority to your website and having good SEO results in your target audience finding you through search results on Google organically. It is a long-term process, but it is instrumental to any business that wants to receive traffic to their website.

At Blackbird Digital, we follow a seven step process and work with you to deliver a tailored service, helping you rank for your chosen keyword and keyword phrases.


1. Consultation

We first sit down with you to get an in depth understanding of your business, your audience and current SEO strategy if they have one. We aim to understand your marketing objectives to manage expectations and to give you estimations for results.

2. Competitor Research

We will evaluate and analyse your top 3/5 competitors to understand what keywords and keyword phrases they are competing for and why they rank where they do. This allows us to identify the areas we need to focus on and helps us shape our strategy.

3. Website Audit

At Blackbird Digital, we will perform an in depth audit of your website to understand how the page is currently formatted from an SEO perspective. We identify areas that need to fixed and give suggestions as to how to optimize them, as well as addressing areas that are working well.

4. Keyword Research

Keyword research can make or break an SEO campaign. It’s extremely important to look at the statistics (search volume, competition level and relevancy) to understand what keywords you would like to compete for. Depending on the keywords you chose and a number of different factors, we can provide you with estimates on KPI’s.

5. Onsite Optimisation

After the first 4 stages are complete we can move on to the on page optimisations. We will execute and optimise all the areas identified in the website audit and implement your chosen keywords in your content and in key areas around your website. At Blackbird Digital, we will remove any duplicate content from your website that will have harmful effects on your SEO. We can also work independently or with you and your team to create SEO friendly copy for your website.

6. External Backlinking & Analysis

At Blackbird Digital, we will first analyse your current backlink portfolio and determine the quality of your links. If your current links are poor quality or from very low ranking sites we will remove them as they can be harmful for your website ranking. We will then execute our own backlink strategy, focussing on quality over quantity to get you steadily higher on Google.

7. Content Creation

We can create or help create, high quality content for your website on a weekly/monthly basis for you to be seen as thought leaders in your space. We aim to include your keywords/keyword phrases in order to boost your keyword rankings. We would also advise on a social media campaign to help assist your search marketing.