Social media is an extremely powerful multifunctional marketing tool and it is becoming more and more important in the business world today. You can use social media to; increase traffic to you website, raise brand awareness, create your brand identity, communicate with your target audience and even to drive sales/conversions. At Blackbird Digital, we focus on four key areas of social media marketing.

1. Content Creation

We first deep dive into your brand, tone of voice, industry, target audience and what you aim to achieve from a social media perspective. We can then create bespoke tailored content for each of your social media platforms.

2. Page Management

Once we have created tailored content for each of your channels, we can schedule a month’s worth of posts to go out on the exact days/times you would like. We can also manage and respond to any enquires you receive on these channels.

3. Ads

Whether you are looking to increase your brand awareness, increase traffic, engagement, app downloads, video views or lead generation, our team are experts at creating customised ads to suit your specific needs.

4. Organic Channel Growth

Paid advertisement for both Twitter and Instagram is an effective method of growing your brands awareness and increase your following, However, our team are also experts at increasing your following and engagement organically.